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GFRP rebar manufactured in Ukraine

Irina Ponomarova, International Business Development Manager, LLC Imperativ Trade, Ukraine

GRP composites were widely used in construction due to its unique properties. GRP composites used for strengthen, facilitate and reduce the cost of structures.

GFRP rebar is relatively new type of construction material. FFRP material is used for its:

  • corrosion and temperature-resistant properties;

  • light weight;

  • high mechanical strength;

  • smooth internal surface;

  • high dielectric parameters;

  • low thermal conductivity.

One of the most important parameters for use rebar in concrete work is the coefficient of linear expansion. GFRP rebar has the similar coefficient of linear expansion to this parameter for concrete. Therefore, concrete structures reinforced with GFRP rebar are more durable due to their resistance to environmental factors.

Despite the fact that this material has many advantages, nowadays it can be not profitable to apply it in all types of construction works. Therefore, it is necessary to highlight the field of GFRP rebar application, in which it will be the best solution:

  • roadway reinforcement;

  • industrial flooring reinforcement;

  • low-loaded concrete blocks and products;

  • bridges and coast defenses;

  • low-rise construction.

Compared to steel rebar, GFRP rebar has a high tensile strength, which is why GFRP rebar so widely used in works in which the bar getting a tensile load.

GFRP rebar has some disadvantages. It is fragility and susceptibility to abrasive wearout. Specialists of the IMPERATIV plant solved the problem with abrasive wearout and developed new product - GFRP rebar with sand coating TM Hard+. This rebar type not only does not lend itself to abrasive wearout, but also withstands heavy loads due to 100% adhesion to concrete.

The new development expands the scope of GFRP rebar application. It may be concluded that such parameters are not the limit. Thanks to new additives in the binder, it is really possible to improve this material and achieve the desired fracture strength.


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